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Computer:  Mac Computer with Solid State Drive, Wave Bundles, Tons of Plugs, ProTools, Digital Performer, Reason, Ableton, Final Cut Pro
, Motu BPM, Motu Symphonic Bundle

Conversion:  Apogee16x AD and DA Conversion, DAE Fireface 800

Monitoring:  Presonus Central Station, Adam S2.5A Speakers

Tape:  16 Track, 1 inch TASCAM MS16,  Ampex 440B 1/2" 4 Track Tape Machine

Mics:  Neuman, AKG, Microtech Gefell, Sennheiser, Shiny Box Ribbon Mics

Outboard:  Trident 65 Mixing Console,  Custom Regular John Recordings Bus Compressor with EQ,  Drawmer 1960 Tube Preamp, UA 4-710d
, Focusrite Octopre, Vintage Ampex 600, 601 preamps, Roland Chorus Echo Tape Delay SRE-555, Echoplex Tape Delay
Custom Vintage King Pre's moded by Stitch Productions

Amps: Fender Deluxe, Fender Bassman with Cab, 1950's Bell with mods, 1950's Masco with mods, Kalamazoo w/vibrate (2), Supro, Mesa Boogie Lonestar, RCA Film Projector turned into guitar amp, Bogen Head, Lesley Cab, Orbital Projector Rotary Horn.

Drums: 1960's Ludwig Pearl, various Snares and Cymbals, DW-500 pedal

Guitars: Too many to list...  I like P90's.  Some goodies:  Original Coral SItar Guitar, Silvertone Bass and Electric Guitar, Les Paul TV, Gibson ES-295...

Guitar Effects: Please don't make me list them all... :-)

Keys: Fender Rhodes MarkVii, Optigan, Upright Piano, Yamaha synth, Triton Rack Synth, E-MU Vintage Keys Plus Sound Module, Roland TR-Rack Synthesizer and Sampler

Other: Koto, Tablas, Misc hand drums, Tambura, Buzuki, Baglamas, Percussion, Tongue Drums



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